The Red Boot Story is the story of everyone…the story of us.

It’s that struggle between wanting to fit in and wanting to be unique.

It’s that struggle between wanting to be yourself and wanting to be liked.

It’s that struggle between being afraid and being free.

It’s the story of courageously stepping outside of cultural stereotypes and social norms to live fully into your biggest and boldest self.

No matter your gender, political persuasion, nation of origin, religion or economics, those brave enough to wear the red boots live into a big, bold and audacious love that says, “World. Bring it on! Give me the heartache, the pain, the joy, the sorrow, the learning, the serving, the leading, the sweet stuff life is made of ’cause I got on my red boots and I am strong, powerful, human, vulnerable, real, free, compassionate and loving.

Bring it on, brothers and sisters, ’cause I am RED BOOT READY!!!"