Could Ya Try Sayin' That Again Please?

So still not quite sure what the Red Boot Movement is all about? See if this helps.

1. We believe that loving, compassionate, courageous and desire-for-non-agendaed-positive-impact leadership knows no boundaries. This means no matter your gender, religion, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity or geography...if you are interested and willing to explore a loving, compassionate, courageous, desire-for-non-agendaed-positive-impact dialogue about reframing our perspective on political are a Red Booter.

2. We believe that change is as simple (and as challenging) as changing one's self and therefore one's perspective. If you don't like something do something about it by being the change (to borrow an expression from another Red Booter, our friend Gandhi) you wish to see.

gandhi rb

3. We believe something's gotta change and we mean for the good...when it comes to national and political leadership.

4. The first step is always needed. Determining what it is can be challenging. Molly is headed on the "Red Boot Ride" for the month of August to, in her words, "provide a creative, innovative, fun and open space for creative, innovative fun and open people to engage in a creative, innovative, fun and open dialogue about re-visioning what American and Global Political Leadership could be!"

5. Why vision must come first? Well In the words of Red Booter Peter Gabriel from his song "Black Paintings"..."

From the pain comes the dream.

From the dream comes the vision.

From the vision comes the people. From the people comes the power.

From the power comes the change.

That ole Peter Gabriel. He knew what we know but just sings it a lot better.