Dear Archbishop Tutu:

Well...Nothing ventured nothing gained, right? (A fantastic Red Boot Mantra by the way!) So here goes a huge leap of faith. How AWESOME is it really to approach our actions, completely grounded by and in unconditional love. See how this feels? There is absolutely no fear, no expectation and nothing to lose when we offer from that space.This letter was sent to Archbishop Desmond Tutu's American Speaker's Bureau in the hopes that we might get a mailing address and shoe size (to boot) so we can send him a pair of fabulous and practical red work boots.Keep your fingers crossed and let's pursue this dream (and journey) together!"Dear Kind Folks at the American Program Bureau:

We are a group of very compassionate, loving and peace-giving leaders who would like to send a gift to Archbishop Desmond Tutu in gratitude for his continuing work to reframe and reshape our global views on leadership.

We have started a grassroots effort, "The Red Boot Revolution" whose mission is to honor, celebrate and inspire leaders to courageously and unabashedly integrate love, joy, humility and compassion into all facets of their lives. We would like to send the Archbishop a pair of Red Work Boots as a symbol of our gratitude for his work in bringing to life these highly valued and much-yearned-for leadership traits.


tutu boot

Our hope and vision is to, through the creation of a grassroots effort that celebrates and honors the Power that comes when individuals fully integrate compassion, joy, love, strength, courage and humility into all facets of their lives, inspire a shift in how we pursue and perceive political, corporate and personal leadership in the United States.

To learn more, please visit our website at

If you could be so kind as to provide a contact name for how we might be able to send this gift OR a mailing address for the Archbishop it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

The Red Boot (R)evolution"