Red Boot Eleven Steps for Kids

Step One: Although at times, we might feel helpless or even scared about things going on around us, we each play an important role in our communities, families, our lives. We Matter.

Step Two: Although at times, we might feel small and unimportant, we have the power to bring our positive attitudes and actions to all the people we see, talk to and spend time with every day. We are empowered.

Step Three: Although at times, we might be afraid to admit we’ve made a mistake, it’s okay that we do. We are not perfect. We each have our own story, and our own experiences. We are transparent.

Step Four: Although at times, we can get caught up in today’s technology, media and social media, we can choose when, what and whom we let influence our minds, bodies and thoughts. We are intentional.

Step Five: Although at times, we can be afraid of people who are not like us, we have more in common with others than we realize. We approach people we meet with a positive attitude and assume they are approaching us the same way. We are open.

Step Six: Although at times, we can get hyped up and stressed out, we take time every day to be quiet and still. When we are quiet and still, we can see just how special each of us really are. We are trusting.

Step Seven: Although at times, we want to be right, we can be a better leader or friend, by first being a good listener. We can try to understand others first before we express our opinions. We are present.

Step Eight: Although at times, it seems like life is really tough, expressing joy and silliness is good for us and those around us. One of our favorite questions to ask over and over is “why.” It’s fun and it helps us get to the very bottom of things. We are joyful.

Step Nine: Although at times, we get frustrated about things in our lives, expressing gratitude is good for us and the people around us. We are grateful.

Step Ten: We came to see that if we tried our best to practice all of these steps in all areas of our lives, we felt good and peaceful on the inside. We are whole.

Step Eleven: We now see that living our lives as outlined in these eleven steps is a positive way we can be a force for good in the world. We discover how much fun and how good it feels to serve our community and the people who live in it. We are engaged.