For Fun and Some Serious Too

So one thing all Red Booters know and love, is knowing and loving other Red Booters.  It's just in our being.  It's how we roll.  It's what we do!

Walking through a busy airport or subway tunnel, Red Booters recognize each other and tend to somehow migrate to the same space.  Eye contact, a big smile, a look of "hey I see some of me in you" brings Red Booters into the same sphere of influence.

It's just what happens.

So, as part of the Red Boot (R)evolution, we are heck bent on bringing awareness to our knowing and loving each other by letting some notable Red Booters, know that they are, in fact, one o' us.


We are going to be purchasing a number of Red Boots (in a variety of styles to accommodate the variety of Red Boot Personalities and Cultures) and shipping them to some of our world's most notable team players.


And this is where YOU come in.  We need your help in selecting our first Notable Red of us to whom we can send a proclamation of sorts along with his/her very own pair of the Red Beauties.

There are a couple of things to remember:

Love and Compassion are their leading language.  They throw these words around like most folks use "and" and "the."


They are the real deal.  Pretense doesn't look good with their boots and they are inclined to say and do things that make everybody else go, "she's just like me" or "he should come over and set a while."

They are humble and strong.  This is an interesting combination and one that is hard to describe with adjectives.  You just know it when you are with them or when others write about them.

They have a sense of humor and a willingness to be funny.  You would like to think that they've pulled off a prank or two at some point (perhaps in their younger days), on their peers or colleagues and have possibly been punked a time or two themselves.


And last but not least, they radiate a warmth that is unmistakably, Red Booter material.  They possess a warm smile,  a certain sense of mischief, a down-to-earth-let-me-give-you-a call-and-we-should-have-coffee attitude and a brilliant way of leading their lives AND their companies, political platforms and/or social agendas that opens up the space for diverse thought, people and ideas.

So come on now.  Think BIG!!!  For added fun, we will engage all of us in the process of the "Boot Send-off."  UPS'ing the bootiful boots directly to our notable Red Booter will allow us to track their journey as well as their actual day of arrival.  We will know when they get there and can all take one huge universal breath in together and cross our fingers and toes that our NRB (notable Red Booter) will open the fantastic box and delight in their new and powerful Red Footwear!

So what do ya say?  List away.