"I do not allow a bully, that I used to be "friends" with, in my life." Red Boot Student

We are never too young to start living the Red Boot lifestyle!

If you are a teacher, parent, caregiver, counselor or just someone who loves being with children, consider starting a Red Boot Meeting for Kids. This program is designed for 3rd to 8th graders and follows a format that is very similar to the adult version...just more kid-friendly and appropriate.

Kids get to practice their leadership skills by chairing the meetings. Red Boot Kids' Meetings are once a week and for thirty minutes. Perfect for homeroom or advisory time, the tone of the Eleven Steps will create a classroom where everyone feels safe, valued and important.

You might also consider hosting a Red Boot Kids' Meeting at your home or with the athletic team you coach. You can hold meetings with parents or close family members. The sky is the limit. Anywhere kids hang out makes for a great Red Boot Meeting Space.

But don't stop there. Go crazy. Have fun with it!

If you are interested in starting a Red Boot for Kids' Meeting please contact our Executive Director, Ann Crehore at anncrehore@theredbootcoalition.org