How It Works

Red Booters aren't talkers, they are doers. It's easy to talk about what needs to STOP.

The hard part is the "what do we do then?" or "HOW do we stop."

Well, those of us who got this whole Red Boot "thing" started, have researched how ...we can impact for good...this angry, whirling world...and we've discovered that what we need to do is really quite simple. So simple in fact that at times we find it hard to believe.

We just do the following 11 steps.

That's it.

11 Steps.

Doing these steps isn't always easy. To the contrary...some of them require great self-discipline. Some of them will challenge everything we have ever been told or taught. Some of them will take us to places that we didn't even know exist...but if changing the world were easy...then we certainly wouldn't be in the mess we're in...right?

We have worked these steps alone and with people and recognize that either way is fine, but when we work them in communion with "real-life-person-together"...the process is more meaningful, impactful and fun.

That's where the Red Boot Coalition Meetings come in. Every week, we gather together to "practice the steps." We then take what we've discussed, practiced and seen in our meetings and discuss, practice and see them in the world around us.

Change happens...both in our own lives and the lives of those around us. Our Communities become more unified and we become more engaged.

Join us won't you?