How we do this is really quite simple.

  • Each meeting, led by a trained Red Boot Guide, focuses on one of the eleven Red Boot steps and provides safe space that allows us to get beneath the surface of most of our daily encounters with questions like "Why do I matter? Why is it hard to admit I've made a mistake? What actions can I take to be more at peace with the people in my life, including those I work with, live with and read about in the media?"
  • Red Boot meetings occur in a variety of locations including the workplace, religious facilities, classrooms, neighborhood gathering points, non-profit organizations, jails, coffee essence, anywhere people spend time.
  • The meeting days and times are determined by the sponsoring entity. The meetings, lasting one hour, occur weekly and are free of charge. Most of our meetings are open to the public. Others occur in places where security may be an issue such as jails, schools, certain workplaces.

Over time, the walls come down. Solutions to some of our communities most pressing problems are found because people are engaging as people not ideologies, stereotypes or labels. By focusing on the practice of the Eleven Steps, we work to create change occurs both at the individual level and the community level.

To learn more about the nuts and bolts of bringing Red Boot to your community please visit our "Bring Red Boot to Your Community" Page.

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