Huntin' and Fishin' -- Guest Blogger Rob Cannon

Remember Rob?  Yeah, that's right.  A Red Bootin' Guy's Guy.  He has been thinking a lot lately about the Red Boot (R)evolution and realized, as we all have, that Red Booters are almost as much about joy as they are about love.  Let's face it.  The two are kind of like kissin' cousins.  It's very hard to have one without the other.

Well...Rob has written another blog post for us and we are just tickled pink (our close relative) and so we thought you should be tickled pink too.

So here goes...

Huntin' and Fishin'

Huntin’ and fishin’.

Around the firehouse these are matters of frequent discussion.

firefighting rob

Though I’m neither a hunter nor a fisherman, I work with some real experts, and I’ve learned much from listening to their conversations over the years.  One aspect of hunting and fishing is the decision about whether to wait… or to stalk.

If you wait, you find a spot where you can park yourself – perhaps in a “deer stand” up in a tree or a “duck blind” beside a pond - in perfect stillness and silence.  There you wait until something happens.  Or until something doesn’t happen.  In either case, you wait quietly.

If you stalk, you go out and actively track your prey.  Trout fisherman “work” a stream by constantly moving and casting, looking for that spot under the water where the fish might be waiting.

I explain this because recently a question came up about the topic of joy.  Should we go out and stalk it?  Or should we try to find the perfect stillness that will allow it to come to us?

How should we hunt joy?

Frankly I think we don’t have to hunt for joy in the same way that we hunt for our missing car keys. You see, the type of hunting I just described pre-supposes that the thing we hunt for is hard to find.  That the thing we seek is scarce.  That the thing we seek desires to run from us.

This is not so with joy.  Or love.   They are there ALL the time… put there by their Creator [or whatever "broadcaster" you believe] who broadcasts joy and love continuously for anyone willing to receive the signal.  Joy and love are less like elusive creatures, and more like omnipresent radio waves.  They’re there, but we have to be like antennae tuned to the proper frequency.

When you take a long trip, radio signals are always with us.  But as we move along on our journey we have to adjust the radio dial to keep receiving the music.   You have to constantly adjust, and as you move to unfamiliar areas –especially in the valleys and peaks of life -you never know what signal will come through best.  If the signal’s coming, you better listen while you can.

Getting a soul station?  Find your joy there!   A small-town farm report?  Don’t hear those often… love it!

So when it comes to joy and love, perhaps we should think of ourselves as antennae rather than hunters.  We know joy is around us… all we need to do is adjust our dial to find the signal.

old timey radio

And there’s even better news.  When I took Electrical Engineering course at the Naval Academy I learned all about something called a transceiver.  A transceiver is basically an antenna that can receive AND broadcast.

So there may be a little waiting.  And there may be a bit of stalking, but in the end  you can receive and broadcast joy simultaneously all the time if you’re willing to adjust your dial.

Robert, simultaneously transmitting and receiving joy.  (Nice look.)