It's Really Not That Complicated

Fear.  It's pretty much everywhere.  Anger and Blame.  Us versus Them.  Conquer and Divide.  They are not like us.  They need to be different.  They are evil. 

They. Them.  THOSE people.

Just reading and saying those words feels scary.  The world feels like it's toppling over, violent, spinning out of control.

Well, there is a group of us...who think we can do something about that.  We are Red Booters.

We live our lives with curiosity, open-minds, humility and courage.  We see differences with a kind of child-like curiosity rather than a fearful "they aren't like us."  We aren't afraid to look fear in the face and in our courageous, loving kind of wide-eyes and curious ways say..."Tell me more.  I want to understand."

Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela, King, Jefferson, and all of our greatest leaders spoke eloquently of and lived fully into the power of love...and by doing so literally changed the course of human events.

This is really what the Red Boot Coalition is fearlessly and with humility, apply loves' power in all that we do.

It's really not that complicated