Kick-Chair a Red Boot Coalition Meeting

Okay Red Booters. Here is the final step.

Step 11: We came to see that living our lives as outlined in these eleven steps, positively impacts our lives and the lives of those around us. We feel a new and joyful responsibility to actively serve our community.

We are joyfully engaged.

And what that means is...somebody has to go first to address the fear, anger, us-vs.-them perspective. We are ready to identify those among us who wish to "kick-chair" a meeting in their community.

In a nutshell it looks like this:

1. Identify a location. Breakfast place; your office; a meeting room in your building; if you are a teacher, your classroom; a coffee shop after your Saturday morning runs; your kitchen table; your place of worship, if you are running for office, at your headquarters or at a local restaurant; with your women's group; with your men's group; at your fitness center; at a local park: recreation center; neighborhood center...basically wherever you can and want to chair it.

2. Identify which day of the week it will be held.

3. Identify which hour of the day it will be held.

4. Identify starting date. (Must be after October 18th.)

5. Know that the chair positions will rotate monthly so as the kick-chair you are basically expressing a willingness to chair the meeting for the first month at a location. After that, you will pass the chair position to someone in the group who will chair for a month and so on.

5. Contact the RBC by emailing and let us know you would like to kick-chair a meeting.

6. We will then reach back out to you with a phone call.

7. The meetings are exactly one hour in length. They begin precisely on the hour and end on the hour.

8. There is a very structured opening and closing as well as a suggested series of questions for the discussion. All of them are focused on the 11 principles of Red Boot "Lifership." (The manual will be available October 11th.)

8. There are as many opportunities to chair a meeting as there are people. Please reach out and let us know