Like White on Rice

Get ready 'cuz we're about to unleash all this positive, change-making way-of-being into the world...and we plan to keep at it for a white on rice.

There's a lot of talk about what needs to be done to stop the violence and anger (driven by fear might we add) in our world today.

As many of you know Molly (the woman who got this whole thing started) decided to get out there and really take an up front and personal look at that fear and anger by putting on her conversation-making red boots, driving across the country and talking to Americans about what they think is going on.

She talked to every "type" of person. Yes. From one extreme "belief" to the other and everywhere in between and came to realize that the majority of Americans really do want to do something about all the bullying and vitriolic dialogue (in politics, religion, economics, ethnicity) that we perceive is all around us. (We say perceive because so much of it is what we "see in the media.").

The problem is we feel so helpless. The Internet has certainly connected us in ways we couldn't have imagined.  Yep, the internet has truly changed everything. We've almost come to believe that unless our "video" goes viral or we aren't somehow reaching thousands with our message, then why even bother!? What good am I?

Molly came back from her trip a changed person.  The "touch" of each brave and open person who was willing to share their fears, hopes and dreams with her inspired her to believe that we have a lot more power than we realize. If a few people can change one life in a month imagine what we could do if we gathered ourselves together and began to create that shift in perception and reality in our own communities!

She came back from the trip and felt an immense amount of responsibility to create something we could all DO that would create the open, transparent, hopeful, inspiring and look-fear-in-the-face and do it anyway experience that we believe will (and can) set the world on a right course. Every true and great guide has shown us that the way to create the change we wish to see is through grassroots-it-begins-with-me-change.

And this is where the Red Boot Coalition begins.

Starting in mid October, Red Boot Coalition meetings will begin in cities all across America. These meetings will be centered around genuine, heartful, open dialogue where people can gather together and "practice" the eleven guiding principles, we believe are necessary to bring this shift.

Molly started Girls on the Run in 1996.  Now retired from the organization, she has experienced firsthand the power that emerges when we create spaces that allow love, acceptance and courage to thrive.  And like her, we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that if we set our minds to it, we can, individually and together, bring the shift our nation (world) is so eloquently and beautifully crying out for.

So now's the time to get like white on rice and spread the word.  Toss it out there.  Let others know we are here and multiplying!  If you haven't already, please "like" our "the Red Boot Coalition" Facebook page so we can find each other and bring power to what exists through our collective voice and our willingness to do something good, loving and oh so necessary right now.

And share...share away!  Let other folks know there's a rumble building over swell of change a 'comin'.

It's time people.  It's time.

I'm not going to give up