Love and the Tasmanian Devil

What a weird title, right? Yeah.

Do you remember that funny guy? He would whirl and swirl his way into any situation and somehow comically win our hearts over

This is kind of (big stretch we know, but try to go with us on this) how we see Red Boot Love.

tasmanian devil

Too often love and compassion are, in certain circles...politics and business to name probably the two most common...often interpreted as weak or simply irrelevant to the conversation.

We don't just beg to differ...we strongly disagree. Love is anything but weak. Love, the Red Boot kind, stands tall in the midst of chaos, fear and struggle. Red Boot Love is a powerful love that stands up for compassionate justice AND universal forgiveness, both at the same time!

Red Boot Love is actually the opposite of weak. Those who exhibit this kind of love, particularly in politics and business, possess a great deal of strength and are willing to speak openly and passionately of this love when seated at the table.

We like to humorously describe the energy of Red Boot Love as akin to that of the cartoon character, "The Tasmanian Devil." Like this funny and likable fellow, Red Boot Leaders/Lovers unabashedly wear their love on their sleeves and yet manage to do so in a way that humbly (and in his case humorously) offers it up as an invitation rather than a forceful "take it or else."

"Here I am" it shouts with a kind of crazy, whirling and unapologetic entry that somehow in its laugh-at-itself and genuine down-to-earth way disarms others and in only a few short moments leaves folks wondering, "So what just happened here?"

Red Boot Love leaves a wake upon its departure that moves folks into a more open space...simply as a result of it having been there...a space often not noticed by those it has impacted until days or even years later.

Tasmanian Devil...get it?