Mamby Pamby...NOT!

This in from Molly.

I've been thinking a lot lately about love and politics...the politics that are inherent within many of our world's largest systems.

Love gets a bad rap. Often times labeled "warm and fuzzy" there are those who sync it with weakness or view it as irrelevant in the political dialogue.

I was struck recently by a comment made in one of the latest GOTR videos. One of the little girls featured said..."GOTR makes me feel warm and good on the inside."

I will admit that I totally get where the naysayers who question the power of "warm and good" are coming from.

Feeling "warm and good on the inside" without discernment can be dangerous but as far as I can see, no "warm and good on the inside" is MORE dangerous.

This year GOTR will move very close to, if not surpass, the 750,000 mark in numbers of girls who have experienced the "warm and good" of the program. Giving girls and the people who care for them an opportunity to feel "warm and good on the inside" is what attracts people to GOTR's circle. People who feel "warm and good on the inside" are people I like hanging out with...confident, generous, kind people.

This past August I talked with literally hundreds of people from across the political spectrum and joyfully discovered that down underneath, we really do yearn for the same, love and to matter in the world. And yet it also became so obviously clear to me, that these common needs cannot thrive in a community that doesn't embrace the warm, the good and the love. As a leader in my community I feel a great responsibility to both speak of love's power as well as practice it in all areas of my life.

It's scary for some to talk from this place of "warm and good" but I have no fear in that realm. I have personally witnessed it's impact in the lives of many. I am gratefully not bound by a world that considers these things weak.

So for those of you who feel fear when you speak of love, compassion and vulnerability in your work life, political life or even in some realms of your religious life. I have appreciated your willingness to talk about the importance of those with me and promise that you are safe sharing those ideals with me...and that by sharing I see you as both courageous and the true miracle our wounded world is crying for.

Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela, King, Jefferson, and all of our greatest leaders spoke eloquently of and lived fully into the power of love...and by doing so literally changed the course of human events.

I only hope to practice, to the best of my ability, the very principles of which they spoke and know beyond any shadow of a doubt, because I have met you and we have talked and we have dreamed together, that there are many many who believe as I do.

This is really what the Red Boot Coalition is about... to fearlessly and with humility, apply love's power in all that we do.

It's really not that complicated.