On the Eve of the Red Boot Ride

For the next month, Molly, one o' the original Red Booters will be “road-trippin” across America. The “Red Boot Ride” will be captured on this page and in HER words.

So round on up lil’ dawgies. The girl is headin’ out!

From Molly:

 Tomorrow I set off on a month-long journey.

Being completely honest here…because I know no other way…I can’t believe I’m doing this.

In late May I gently tossed the idea out on my Facebook page and the “Red Boot Ride” has since taken shape.

So has the Red Boot Coalition.

I’m not sure what’s going to come of all this. I have some hopes and dreams, but it is in the unknown that the really good stuff is going to happen…the random moments at a campground, diner or rest stop…being still…admiring the sunsets, the sunrises, the moon and the stars.

I do know that there are two basic “themes.”

1.)    Re-visioning America’s Political Leadership through a series of discussions in small towns and big cities alike…discussions generated by small groups of people who find joy in such conversations.

2.)    Meeting people…like me and you…and just talking with them about where their joy lies…at least that’s where I’m starting. Something else may come up and I’ll go there.

I will do my darnedest to check in everyday on Facebook and the Red Boot Coalition.org website, but I can’t be certain I’ll have internet access. I’m sure a wonderful flow will develop…and my hope is that you will come along…participate right along with me…engage…toss out thoughts, questions, ideas.

A couple of important comments:  Hank and Helen...you have sacrificed much over the years allowing your mama to heed the various calls of this world.  This is a prime example. I am now and will be forever grateful for your giving hearts.

There are a handful of you...and you know who you are...who have personally and intimately supported me and continue to support me.  Thanks for letting me express all of my emotions and thoughts in a completely unconditionally loving space.  You are prime examples of what the kind of leadership we are pursuing with the Red Boot Coalition can do in allowing the spirits of those around you to thrive...mine included.

I’m usually able to find the words, but as I sit here on this side of The Beginning…I cannot. Probably the best place to be when setting off on a journey such as this.

So I think I will eat a delicious meal, make some last minute checks on a handful of important items, dance a bit just because I can and get a good night's sleep.

And tomorrow...