Our First Task

Okay...Red Booters! One of our first tasks? Selecting notable (globally-known) Red Booters and informing them of our adventure. I mean let's face it. Many of us were Red Booters before we even knew the "cause" existed. Like we all know...Red Bootin' is a way of being...not a program or club.

The plan (Stan) is to "git" us a pair of those Red Boots (see this powerful little number) and wrap 'em up, include a proclamation of some sort (we can co-create that next), and ship them to our Red Boot Notable!

more men's boots

Now friends...when we are talking notable, we mean notable. Not like kind of notable. BIG TIME notable. Remember, Red Booters are not afraid to think ginormous. Truly. What is there actually to fear? The worst that could happen is our fabtastic pair of Red Boots end up being returned (and in that case we share them between all of us) or kidnapped (and in THAT case their loving power will clearly influence the person who took them).

So to all of us...start listin' right now. Let's do this!