Re-Visioning a New American Political Leader

This in from Molly...

WOW!!! Based on the conversations I've had, especially as of late here on this most recent trip, I believe the world is really READY for something radically different when it comes to leadership...Enter the Red Boot Coalition.First of all...PLEASE...if you are reading this read all the way through. Our initial reaction when it comes to anything political is to turn away. I GET IT! The current words, energy and spirit of politics does not resonate with people like us.

But stay...just for a second. Cause I'm tellin' ya! For those of us who live joy, inspiration, fun, love, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, courage and connection, we are needed to step up and give voice to the 80 percent of Americans (that would be you/me/us) who want something different for our nation, but just don't know how to activate "it."

Why does it matter? Well, let's think about it. Is there no better way to create social and systems change than as a policy maker? I mean think about it. What better way to change the world than getting behind an idea that would carry love, compassion, empathy, courage and connection into our country's law-making leadership?

Do you realize that only 20 percent of us elect out current elected folk? That's because the other 80 percent of us (me included) don't vote in the primaries (Heck, I don't even know when they are happening most of the time) and often don't vote in the regular election because the whole highly competitive election process runs counter to how we approach our own lives. We are the bridge-builders and the unifiers. The polarized dialogue that starts in the election process and carries over into how our government works (or actually doesn't work) doesn't fit in with how we live.

What would happen if we engaged the 80 percent of Americans who are disengaged by the current highly polarized state to re-vision a new kind of American Leader.

A leader we can trust to engage all of us in the creation of policy not based on a party agenda but instead deeply grounded by the power that comes from innovative, compassionate and solution-driven dialogue.

A leader who loves, lives into joy, leads with an open heart.

A leader who is highly competent in policy analysis and able to review from all sides.

A leader who is humble, fun, joyful, essence...human like the rest of us.

A leader with the heart of Mother Teresa and the innovative brain of Steve Jobs.

The Red Boot Coalition is shaping up. So far, thanks to many of you (you know who you are) 22 cities are on a growing list of stops on my Red Boot Ride this August! The media is slowly but surely peeking in and the energy seems to be swirling into something big, bold and beautiful!

The Red Boot Ride conversations will engage anyone and everyone interested in re-visioning a new kind of American Political Leadership! How FUN! We get to make it up!

So...I'm playing around with collateral materials and believe it or not a music playlist and am looking for words, phrases, metaphors, imagery, anything to describe this new American Leader.

Help me! Instead of waiting for someone else, let's begin right now.

If you could re-vision American Political Leadership what words, songs, metaphors, imagery, thoughts, ideas would you like to see used!