The Red Boot Challenge

What is the Red Boot Challenge?

The Red Boot Challenge is a new and powerful way to experience the Red Boot Coalition’s 11 Steps. It is designed exclusively for a small group of committed people to “practice the steps” together for 12 weeks. The curriculum addresses the “us versus them” mentality that is so prevalent in the world today, by intentionally cultivating trust, understanding, and the capacity to go beneath the divisive labels and ideologies and get down to the power of seeing, honoring, and celebrating our shared humanity.

Participants have committed to attend at least 9 of 12 hour-long, weekly meetings where they will work through all 11 Red Boot steps together, culminating with an individual engagement plan. Challenge groups will be led by certified Red Boot Guides, and have a maximum of fourteen participants. You must be registered to participate. 

Preparations are now being made for the Red Boot Challenge meetings of Fall 2017.