Red Boot Leader Challenge Numero Uno

So, we've got five pairs o' awesomeness wrapped up in five pairs of new Red Boots just waiting for our very first challenge "wearer."  A universal trait to Red Booter Leadership is JOY!  Red Booters just can't help it.  Joy follows them everywhere they go.  They walk in a room and joy says "I'm here."  If there is a place that needs a little dose of the rich stuff, a Red Booter gently when necessary and boldly when needed does a little "Yoohooo people.  Look over here.  See it?  JOY!"  We, therefore thought it totally fitting that our first challenge...or better said...Challenge Numero Uno should be our Red Boot Leaders doing what they LOVE to do:  BEING JOYFUL!

tadahSo, let's do this.  Send us a photo or video of you doing what you do so well.  Being Joyful.  If this means dancing, doing a cartwheel, leaping for joy, kicking your heels together, let's see it!  We invite you to get creative. Feel free to engage others in your joyful expression. Perhaps your colleagues at work need a dose of joy. Perhaps your teenagers would like to participate. Perhaps the checkout person at the grocery store would join in. Maybe you dance in a space that needs some light. Perhaps you cartwheel on a street corner.

It's up to you! You are welcome to post your photo or video on our facebook page or email them to Whatever feels best to you! We need your photos/videos by Friday April 25th 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

If you need a little inspiration check out our friend and dancing Red Booter Matt.