Red Boot Leadership Challenge Number Three

One thing all Red Booters can tell ya is...that life ain't (alright isn't, but just saying ain't can be more fun sometimes) always peaches and cream.  Yep...that's right.  Sometimes it stinks.  Sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do.  Sometimes stuff comes flying at us that isn't initially received as "Yippee.  This is awesome!" or "Wow, I'm so glad THIS happened!"

We, because we are human and not super heroes (although we love wearing capes and dressing up like super heroes) can get really angry and frustrated when tough times come.  We mean after all who doesn't?

Yep...pretty much everybody on the planet gets mad every once in a while.

But the really cool thing about Red Booters is this...after some time has passed (for some of us it's immediate and for others of us it may take more time) we manage to summon up the courage and the desire to find the "good" underneath.

It's true.  We are freaky like that.  We just don't let that stuff hold us down.  Sure we GET down and we might GET down for a while, but we inevitably decide to choose joy, growth and getting out of the negative so we can learn from it, get on and get to living again.

So...pahtnas...this is where our third Red Boot Leadership Challenge comes.  (All entries are put into a big Red Boot, we pull a name and are the proud and humble owner of a brand new pair o' Red Cowboy Boots!)  Share with us a time when you were initially in that "wow this really sucks/is scary/is something I don't want in my life" place but can now, in review, see it as exactly what the doctor/universe ordered. As a matter of fact, you can now see that there was and continues to be some ongoing good in your life as a result of the experience.

Don't be shy.  Red Booters are humble people, but we believe and have witnessed with our own experiences, the power of sharing.  Somebody, in our oftentimes-fear-driven-afraid-to-let-you-see-my-vulnerable-side-world, has got to go first with kind of laying it out there and we think it might as well be us.  Let's face it!   Sharing  joy, love and who we unabashedly are,  is not only inspirational, but a catalyst for miraculous changes in the world.

So share away, either here or if you like us on Facebook, over there.  Share a little or share a lot.  We are, after all, the masters of our own universe, so do what feels just right.  (  Just know that there may be someone right now, reading this who is going through a tough time and our words...heck YOUR words...may be just the remedy they need.

Remember that really cool Red Booter, Gandhi?  We found this rather obscure quote and thought it particularly relevant for the conversation we're having right now.

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“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”