Well, well, well.

We've done it! 

The Red Boot Coalition is now a real, living, breathing thing

The website has more coming, but due to the overwhelming response we've had from folks around the country wanting to kick-start a Red Boot Coalition Meeting, we thought it best to go ahead and get this baby up and running!

There are a number of folks we'd like to thank.

First the folks responsible for putting together the framework that allows YOU to engage with us on the internet!  Denny and Melissa Cave are a small red bootin’ husband-and-wife team of creative professionals known as Cave Interactive Media. They're passionate about thinking outside the box and collaborating with business owners to establish simple, straightforward websites that connect with visitors and are easy to maintain.

“We are passionate about doing things differently,” says Melissa, who also serves as an intentional-living mentor at “Life’s too short to be anything but happy, so in 2012 we both quit our jobs and started doing what we love. Now we’re building websites for awesome causes like this one and spreading the intentional living message.”

According to Denny, he and Melissa were drawn to this project because they identify with it so well. “We strive to live every day with purpose and enjoy questioning the status quo. Simplifying our lives has allowed us to do what we love and use our talents to help others live intentionally.”

If you're looking for a personable, friendly development team to build your next project  please consider reaching out to Melissa at or on the web at  They get it...BIG.

Secondly, we owe a huge leap-for-joy to Melissa Mummert.  She is responsible for dreaming up our first Official Red Boot Social Media Campaign! 

There are so many others!   To include them all would be impossible, but we are going to give it our best try.  (If we missed you, be a courageous Red Booter and email us at, so we can be sure to include our love for you as well.  Don't be shy about it.  Celebrating your contributions is a Red Boot Character Trait!)

So here we go...

Thanks go out to the original Red Booters.  You all kindly hosted meetings or attended meetings.  We would not be where we are today had you not gone first!  Thank you John Crowell, Anna Smith, Amy Peacock, Cher Cosper, Bruce McIntyre, Sarah Funkhouser, Allison Freeze Major, Molly Harrigan Huff, Lisa Kaplan, Lori Burgess, Sue Beres, Blair Milo, Wendy Cummings, Dawn Coyne Browne, Peg Conway, Natalie Wolf, Peggy Duffy, Tracey Abbott, Noelle DeAtley, Rob Cannon, Beth Gillespie, Sarah Dowell, Ashli Crowe, Michael Gillespie, Sara Pickard, Dennard Teague and Rob Cannon.

Here are few personal shout out's from Molly, the Founder:

"To all my friends at Girls on the Run International for re-giving me the wings to fly! To Saralyn Tabachnick...had you not said "YES!" at the breakfast table in your cozy Alaskan home, this wouldn't be happening. To Jim Galovski for encouraging me to go for it, long before this was real. To Holly Crump for helping "sculpt" the project. To Charlie Elberson for loving me through the fear.  To Michele Nellenbach, Jason Grumet and all the amazing folks at the Bipartisan Policy Center for giving me the chance to step into their world.  To Elaine Miller for once again being my balance and to Tom Adams for showing up. To Kristine Binder Nader for sending my every-morning-inspirational-texts and to Michelle Barbeau for being you. To my kids for once again, giving me space to dream, brew and generally disappear every once in a while. Helen, look what you started by giving me the darn red boots and Hank, what would I do without your  desire to really "get" what your mom is all about.  Thanks for talking with me, well into the wee hours of all those mornings about changing the world."

We recognize that this project, including the website, is a work in progress so please feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas and dreams with us.  While the Eleven Steps serve as the backbone for all of our work both within the meetings and outside of them, there are so many different ways they can be implemented.  Think BIG!

To close's a little something you might consider printing out and carrying in your pocket.  This is one way we can carry the steps into our daily lives...the Red Boot "Keep-Us-Honest-Questionnaire."