The Eleven Steps are the sole (okay we couldn't resist) of the Red Boot Coalition.  The core values for the steps appeared one morning when a few of us were gathered at a local bagel and coffee shop; and a few days later, during a moment of absolute clarity, Molly Barker wrote out the Eleven Red Boot Steps. We've been practicing these steps for a while now and we can't say enough about how a new way of seeing has cracked open for us. 

So practice them.  Journal about them.  Talk about them. Think about them. Carry them in your pocket.  Work one step each day and then work it again. Tack them up on the wall in your office.  Discuss over a meal with a friend. Share your experience, courage and compassion right here! Attend a meeting.  Start a meeting.  Whatever you decide to do...go for it. 

Because you matter and the world needs you.  Now. 

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