The More the Funner

So...we just gotta say it. This (R)evolution is getting kinda good and fun.We think people are starting to "get it." This isn't about the boots or even the red. It's about what they mean to us and how we feel when we wear those powerful beauties.

Case in point.  Watch what happens to a seemingly normal (whatever THAT means) Mom when she puts on her Red Boots.  We aren't kidding.  Watch.


So, let's have some MORE fun and invite MORE folks to the table. (Come on, the more the funner.) Now, those of us who live and breathe the Red Boot Way, have a vision...a big one actually...that one day our Red Boot Way of Being will be integrated into how we lead our nations, our companies, our LIVES!!! But until then, we know that movements like this grow, not by forcing them, but by allowing them.

Therefore...if you feel so inclined, we think it might be sorta kinda powerful, if you looked at the character traits we have listed below and took the time to invite a friend or two to like us at the Red Boot (R)evolution Facebook Page. Let 'em know that there are no requirements, no checklists, no have to's...that really the

(R)evolution is all about leading our LIVES with love, creating spaces where spirits can thrive and being our fabulous, magnificent, humble selves in the process.

So here goes. Just cut and paste if you want and if you don't want, make it up yourself. Whatever way you go about it, is of course the perfect and right way because that's the magic of Red Bootery. It all just unfolds in some kind of perfect "order."

So here goes. Share away!

Dear ______________.

I would like to bring your attention to something really good brewin' over here and it's called the Red Boot (R)evolution. I think it's really good because is really good. It's positive. It's powerful. It's people BEING powerfully positive.

I'm letting you know about it because you are a Red Booter whether you know it yet or not. I think you are a Red Booter because I see you exhibit many of the following Red Booter traits:



A willingness to be yourself.

An unabashed kind of joy that walks in the room with you.

Freedom from thinking that "this is the way a ________ (mother, boss, woman, man, father, teenager, 20-something, CEO, politician, yoga teacher, athlete, celebrity to name a few) should look and act like.

A knack for seeking solutions by fearlessly asking WHY something is the way it is rather than jus trying to fix the same ole' same ole'...

A child-like curiosity and sense of wonder about each and every day/moment...even the days/moments that appear to suck.

Nothing is required of you other than you just keep on being your amazing, fabulous self.

What dya say?

Are you in?

With Big Ole' Love Leading the Way,

(Your name here. )