THE Question...

This in from Molly:

So this new grassroots idea, The Red Boot Coalition, is really beginning to get some traction. It's both exciting and scary in the same moment. A feeling I know all too well and that says "you've got something powerful going on here...."I've been trying to really "sieve" down to the bare and simple minimum what this new "coalition" is all about and it's freakishly simple:Do my words unify? Do my words bring people together around something that is joyful? Do my words create a space that is safe for all people to express themselves? Do my words empower...not just the group who lives and thinks like me...but even those who do not?

I'm discovering that there is a whole industry around separating us from each other. Girls on the Run certainly opened my eyes to this when it comes to women...but now that I'm venturing into leadership (political in particular)...I am discovering that there isn't language anywhere (at least that I can see yet) that isn't actually and specifically focused on separating people from each other.

It's pretty sneaky how the industry of separation pulls us in. It requires an intense amount of focus to stay out of the polarizing dialogue. It's so insidious and is such a part of our culture's climate that we participate in the polarization often without even knowing it.

What's become even more interesting for me is how it's possible to unify while also being in disagreement. Crazy right? Disagreement and opposition are not synonymous with each other.

But here it is again and it's so very simple..."Do my words unify?"