The Red Boot (R)evolution

It's here. The moment the world has been waiting for.

view of boots

(So come on now. Maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the drift. Look at it this way. Remember when you were a kid and every moment was like totally awesome? THE moment you were waiting for...that big "Ta DAAAA" jump off the diving board or the perilous twirl on the balance beam? This is what THIS feels like so indulge us for a minute in thinking big. After all, that's what we are encouraging all of us to do!)

So...any way back to where we started.

Ta DAHHH. The moment the world has been waiting for!

A grown up version of everything we were taught as kids about being ourselves, playing nice and helping each other out.

A powerful reminder of why we matter...whether smiling at the person in the car next to us or serving as the Pope.

A gentle nudge that encourages all of us to quit complaining and get up and do something good.

A hopeful whisper that being ourselves is fun and a gift to everyone with whom we come into contact.

A globally needed shift in how we lead our companies, our households, our governments our own lives.

An opportunity to invite love and compassion into spaces that have never known such power could exist.

It's here. The moment the world has been waiting for.

So get on your red boots. Grab a cup of coffee. And change the world...