The Red Boot Ride: Cities, Days and Joy!

Red Boot Ride goal: To re-vision American Political engaging down-to-earth, non-partisan, fun, empowered, courageous, loving and compassionate folk in a down-to-earth, non-partisan, fun, empowered, courageous loving and compassionate dialogue.

red car nissanIt's pretty darn simple. Let's create, encourage, discover, give words to and make room for what's here in our Red Boot lives, but missing from the political arena...Leadership that is heart-driven, focused first and foremost on positive impact, collaborative, loving, humble and rich with connection, compassion and courage.Molly is leaving August 1st from Charlotte, NC and heading on a road trip...stopping in big cities and small towns...through August 30th. The Red Boot Ride will engage folks (thanks to those of you who reached out to us already) in a much-needed American living rooms, restaurants and in some situations, bigger halls and gathering places.

What comes next, we can only dream or hope for. Could it possibly be 60 to 80 candidates across America running for political office on the independent ticket...with love, courage, humility and the support of each other and us as their running mates?

We believe it's possible but first we need a vision...a starting point...the words and that's what the Red Boot Ride is all about!

We are thrilled to announce the following cities for the Red Boot Ride. Molly will be following up with each of you who "signed up" in the next week to discuss details. In the meantime, you (and you know who you are) might want to start thinking about location(s) and just who ya might like to invite.

If you live in or are near enough and want to participate by bringing your strengths. Spirit and heart to the dialogue please email us at

Drum roll please:

August 1: Charlotte, NC

August 2: Winchester, VA

August 4: Rochester, NY

August 5: Cincinnati, OH

August 6: Grand Rapids, MI

August 7: LaPorte, IN

August 8: Chicago, IL

August 9: Charleston, IL

August 10: St. Louis, MO

August 11: Columbia, MO

August 13: Denver, CO

August 14: Salt Lake City, UT

August 16: Colfax, WA

August 17: Seattle, WA

August 19: Petaluma, CA

August 21: Las Vegas, NV

August 22: Payson, AZ

August 25: Dallas, TX

August 26: Texarkana, TX

August 27: Little Rock AR

August 28: Birmingham, AL

August 29: Savannah, GA

August 30: Home again.