This Is the Beginning...

Lil' birdy told us to remind ya'll that August 1st, from 7 to 9 AM something earth-changing and box-shattering is happening in the Queen City (Charlotte, NC). That's right...the FIRST Red Boot Coalition meeting ever in the history of humankind is occurring.There are a few spots left if you are interested in attending.


Slide1If you don't "get" what the Red Boot Coalition is all about, Red Booter Charlie Elberson said it this way with a few twists and turns added in by the rest o' us...

The Red Boot Coalition is all about:

Joyfully finding what unifies.

Empowering actions from that place of unity to bring a big, bold and audacious love and benefit into our nation's political system and the people who support it.

Materializing that power through action that further unifies, empowers and brings more love, compassion, courage and benefit, creating and reinforcing a cycle of love in action in politics, our communities, our nation, our world...heck our LIVES.

Please email us at Space is limited.