Vision With Action Equals Change

So pull up a seat and set a minute. We've got a lil'somethin' to share that we think might just rock your world...or at least your way o' thinkin' (which in Red Boot Land is pretty much the same thing.)

What might happen if a group of really really gutsy trust-them-with-your-first-born people, who had built an entire life based on love, compassion, courage and that intangible-but-you-know-it-w...hen-you-see-and-feel-It thing that we can't even articulate, but you just know that it's really good and pure and real...what if a really big group of those people got together and:

1. Came up with the words to describe themselves (The Red Boot Ride);

Where's Molly

2. Invited more people (regardless of political party, religion, money, geography or gender) to engage in their joy, desire for change, celebration of what is possible.

3. Inspired, encouraged, created space for ongoing emotional (and anonymous financial) support for those with the bravest "guts" to step into the political process;

4. Run for office (hard to imagine but just go with us here) not to win or lose...not to talk about what's wrong or needs change...but to actually be the be the change while engaging in the political process. To be the change by doing what comes so naturally to them...joyfully and courageously remaining true to what they've built their life, love, compassion, courage.

5. Define victory not in dollars raised or winning, but in engaging people through rich and loving dialogue/process that moves people forward...creates space for people to identify and pursue what brings them joy, happiness, peace.

And now,,,go with us here. Imagine the ripple effect of that.

Imagine who begins to run for office;

Imagine what the campaign process becomes;

Imagine how these leaders engage (us and them because they are the same thing) in the creation of policy and law;

Imagine how campaign reform will happen not because of rules but because it's just how these people operate;

Imagine how term limits naturally occur because...well because it's just what makes the whole thing work better .

Imagine how we begin to smile at our neighbors again and engage in dialogue.

There will be naysayers. "Once these people are engaged they must play the game in order to win."

But here's what's really cool and we gently remind them...winning or losing isn't the goal... Listening, connecting, transparency, loving, building trust is.

Exactly what leadership is all about.

Wow. Far out man.