Winner of Our Numero Uno Red Boot Leadership Challenge

Alright lil' dawgies...Kristi Schuck, from Mankato, MN, is our o-fi-shul first winner of a Red Boot Leadership Challenge.



When she learned of her "victory" she wrote all of us a really nice note.  We thought it was so nice that we should share it with our entire Red Booter Family.  So here it is:

Kristi writes:  "So first things first, I've never had my foot in a red boot before. When I buy running shoes, I wear 8.5 and every once in awhile I'll throw a 9 in the mix, but my foot is a comfortable 8.5 ... how does that translate in red boot world? I've heard that you might size down because they stretch out? I'll trust the Red Boot Revolution to know. 

Secondly, I must admit, I've been visualizing this! We don't hit the mall very often, but every time we do I've been on the search and my girls are going to be so relieved to know we can stop our search for Red Boots for mom!

Lastly, for now, I am honored and so grateful to be receiving these. It is not only with pride that I'll put these on, but also with a deeper understanding of our connectedness. This is a wonderful world, and the web that connects us to each other is strengthened tonight as the depth of appreciation for the light we are here to share shines just a bit brighter. I know, I know, it's a pair of boots... but really, it's so. much. more. and I'm so glad you know that too...

Until I find the words beyond thanks I dream to reach in this lifetime, I send you love and gratitude. 

Well Kristi, that was mighty nice and just completely confirms that you are, indeed, a Red Booter.

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