You're Here!

red boots in frame

Well, well, well. You are here. And if you are a real Red Booter you know that you certainly didn't end up here by accident. Red Booters know this. They somehow (and at times it feels almost magical) end up exactly where they are supposed to be.

So...since you're here you might as well join in and learn a little bit more about yourself. Read on and marvel (because that's what Red Booters do without even trying) at how much this all resonates with you.

And just in case you were wondering, this whole thing is brand spankin' new. So consider yourself one of the co-creators for just showin' up. This isn't a program, an organization or a company. We are not a brand, an entity or a product. We are an attitude, a way of being, a (dare we say it) movement. So...if you've got ideas on how our creation can grow, let your teammates over here know about it. Email us at

For starters what pages (content) might we consider for this site?

We've considered the following:

Notable Red Booters

Red Boots in Action

Red Boot Guest Bloggers

Red Boot Slogans

What are we missing? How would you like to see the Red Boot Revolution come to life? Ideas are great, but even better when shared. Email us at or post in the comment section!